Can I setup logs to mail?

I need to analyze traffic from an AppleTV. There’s a certain app I use where I need to know FQDN/IP-addresses this app uses. I would also like this log to be mailed to me on a given interval. Is that possible and in that case where can I find a HowTo? Thanks :slight_smile:

uhm…not sure about the logs, but i had the same question with some raunchy chinese mediaplayers and a TV. Just to see what kind if traffic it does, and how much it pings home. Solution here was to install pakon. There you can filter on ip or mac adress, and see what a specific machine is doing, traffic wise?

Thanks for the suggestion. I will look at pakon and see if it can be of any help. :slight_smile:

After testing I can say this tool did exactly what I wanted. Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

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