Can I boot from HDD in Turris OS 4.0?

My Turris Omnia eMMC is broken so I couldn’t use my TO for months. The support told me it will be possible to boot Turris 4.0 from USB/Sata. Is this working now and I can give the alpha a try?

I have the NAS version with the mini PCI-E to two SATA ports. See picture attached.

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as was stated here before, it should work. Instructions are at:

I think he would like to boot from HDDs, which are connected to mSATA PCIE card and I’m afraid that it won’t be supported. What would we like is to boot from USB port in front or from the rear one.
Currently what is supported is to boot from mSATA SSD, which must be connected to the right slot from that image, where he has 2.4 GHZ miniPCie card or from USB adapter, which must be connected to the left slot, where he has miniPCIe card. For both these options, there’s documention, which you posted.

My eMMC is dead too (moved the containers long time ago but who knows what happened).

I started fixing my Omnia but reached a dead end when I realized that

  • Omnia can’t boot from a USB flash drive using either the front or back USB ports
  • Omnia can’t boot from an HDD connected to the SATA extension card

I can focus on the options that are available at the moment (i.e. USB adapter in the left slot or mSATA SSD in the right slot), but both mean that I would have to give up one feature of Omnia that I am using (left slot for SATA drives, right slot for 2.4 GHz Wifi).

Is there a specific timeframe when front and rear USB ports will be supported? Will this require U-boot update?

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