Can an lxc serve on guest network?

I’ve managed to set up an lxc container, run a service there, and make it available to the LAN. That much working fine.

I’ve configured turris omnia to have a guest network, and I want the service there (instead of the more privileged LAN). I haven’t figured any way to do this.

I’ve noticed the line in the lxc config which reads = br-lan and I’ve tried instead = br-guest-turris, but that did not do the trick.

I haven’t found instructions for this on this forum or the internet. I’m out of ideas. I suspect there’s a way to accomplish this, but how?

Thanks in advance!

Try to fix it to br-guest_turris

Thanks for the suggestion, I confirmed on my system br-guest-turris is correct.

I tried the underbar, got an error when I tried lxc-start. Then I changed it back to what I (think I) originally tried, br-guest-turris and now it appears to work. I’m not sure why I was convinced it didn’t, now it does!