Buying a Turris Omnia

I am about to buy a Turris Omnia, a product that I find more congenial than the MOX, because Omnia has an SFP port, which is what I need. Unfortunately, in the country where I live (in Italy), the product cannot be easy found in online stores. The only seller I found on Amazon is the one in the photo. Question: does the code of that model exist and what does it refer to? Is the price too high? Suggestions are welcome.

Varia-store is an official reseller. But I can’t tell about the code.
The price seems indeed really tough - on you pay 269 EUR (seller: cz.nic, fulfilled by amazon). Maybe buy on and pay a little more for shipping?

Thank you for your answer. As for the product code, I discovered that it refers to the year of production of the 2GB version (which is what interests me) from 2019. On the German Amazon the only version sold by CZ.nic is the 1GB one, while the 2GB one is sold by another non-Amazon seller at a very similar price. I then found another online store, always official dealer of the Turris, which has a slightly lower price and which inspires me confidence, because it is very fast in the answers. I think I will make my purchase with it (

I believe has been reported here to ship internationally, and currently they list price of 309 Eur (without shipping).

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In fact I will choose to buy from

Happy omnia user here, but you know about the MoxD SFP-module?
The base unit and the D-module should cost around 177 EUR including VAT, considerably lower than the omnia (albeit without a switch and without wifi).


I saw it and it seems like a good thing, but for what I need Omnia is the most complete solution. Thanks anyway for the advice.