Buy a box for Omnia Turris without board

Box for Omnia Turris or NAS Box perk. Best of the Czech Republic. okluz(zavináč)

Try to ask (they manufactured them) if they have it or look at Aukro/Bazos.

I think, it could be very interesting post for @CIJOML
I remember his post on the old Turris forum.

YES I still have one silver box

Is it the NAS box, I’d like to get this.

From NAS box price 780, - CZK without VAT + shipping

I couldn’t find it on their site. Do you mean to ask them directly about it?

it is normal box not NAS box.

Yes. You need to contact them directly.

I contacted them and they got back to me very fast, wanting to sell me the NAS box for appr. 30Eur.