Build Error- Ath79 Patch Failure

I am trying to compile and build the turris omnia firmware in a docker container according to starter guide @Turris / Turris OS / Turris Build · GitLab. Simply, the steps are,

  1. git clone
  2. in /turris/build/ run ./compile_pkgs
    3.git checkout hbk
    4.make menuconfig (nothing changed, default)
    5.make -j4

The problem is:
I get the errors on the ath79 patching , during /target/linux compile steps.

Below you can find the screenshot of the error which was run in debug mode.

PS: I used Ubuntu 20.04 and the last version v5.0.0.03 with hbk development branch.



Didn’t it fail with output: No board selected!?

You should carefully take a look at README in Turris Build repository, which you referenced. There are all steps described, which you need to do.

This needs to be done before running compile_pkgs script.

It fails, because you are not building packages for Turris routers, but for OpenWrt default, which is Atheros ATH79.


Hi @Pepe,

Thanks for the reply. During that period, I spend a lot of time struggling with my computer problems ( spacing out, formatting, etc.) and I tried your suggestions and understand the concept a lot.

My steps after cloning the project repository:

git checkout hbk
./compile_pkgs -t omnia

But I am facing another problem, such as,
ERROR: package/feeds/packages/botan failed to build.
ERROR: package/feeds/packages/luajit failed to build.
ERROR: package/feeds/packages/libxst [host] failed to build.
ERROR: package/feeds/packages/ola [host] failed to build.
ERROR: package/feeds/packages/rxtx failed to build.
ERROR: package/feeds/packages/compass [host] failed to build.
make -r package/compile: build failed

What can be the reason for such package errors? I can’t activate the debug mode with -x option during the compilation {./compile_pkgs -x -t omnia}.

My second question is, where we will find the output image file if the compilation steps complete successfully? Will it be in /target/ directory or where else?

Lastly, should we do additionary “make menuconfig” configurations for the simplest compilation process, in other words, is it required to change anywhere in order to get an image file and update the firmware of the device by this obtained image?

Note 1: Since the project is proceeding on OpenWrt 19.07 base which is supported with Linux kernel 4.14, I convert back my Ubuntu Distro to 16.04 LTS which has Linux Kernel 4.15 version.
([OpenWrt Wiki] OpenWrt 19.07)

You can find error logs in the build_dir. It is very common that all packages do not build even for OpenWrt. Also, it is possible to compile these packages manually with debug verbose. How you can do that, that’s described in our documentation or in OpenWrt.

Most likely for luajit, you are missing some dependencies to be installed on your computer.

Also, as said previously, you can find the answer for this one in the documentation we provide within Turris Build repository.

I wonder what’s the reason for that? I am compiling all Turris OS / OpenWrt versions on Ubuntu 22.04.01 LTS just fine. It’s running 5.15 LTS kernel right now.