Bufferbloat & latency fixes

Hello, for anyone interested in reducing latency in its line, there are bufferbloat elimination scripts that are tested, check them out:


Looks good, how has been your experience with this? Does it work fine on Turris OS?

I am using it, it works fine and I get A in bufferbloat tests.


Thank you for the link. Interesting.
Unbelievable the length of that OpenWRT forum post. The only thing I find confusing is the fact that the various users on that forum seem to have different types of connections and requirements… as often, maybe the script needs some tweaking to adapt to particular use cases, which requires some deep knowledge… ?

Well, either that or simply the willingness to try and test/explore the parameters a bit… the idea is to keep it simple and “good enough” so there will always be room for more bespoke solutions, but that script, as far as I can tell, aims to be generic enough that it should help all users of variable rate links (which can be acceptable or a starting point for a more optimized version). BUT, this is work in progress, so requires tester, the more the better. (And it is not clear that this will survive as a shell script or any of the other contenders in Perl, lua or python might not come out the consensus choice), but I digress.

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