Broken Home Assistant integration

Currently TurrisOS and Home Assistant (openwrt_luci_rpc) is broken.

Is there any hope to steer the


To match upstream figures.

This is used as a presence detection scanner for OpenWRT for Home Assistant device tracker; you only want to run some automations when family members personal devices are home. Compared to GPS tracking this is very reliable and doesn’t kill your mobile batteries.

The HA project has solved this as they are compliant to upstream OpenWrt:

What can be done on this end?

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Maybe this could be used instead?

That would be 3 steps back. It would require a lot of tampering.

It’s currently in neither bundled TurrisOS
or Hassio, both which are a ready to run appliance.

In hassio case it would require tampering docker images.
It doesn’t give you access the application docker. So it’s not really an option.

The easiest part is to replace the router to stock OpenWrt

It requires installing a package on the Turris (you might need to change the startup script to make sure the daemon is not started to early) and to change the configuration file for the daemon to reflect your home assistant environment.
In Home Assistant you would only need to do changes in configuration.yaml, like for any other integration.

I’ve been running this flawlessly for a couple of years already.

How often do need to build it? If turris can’t adjust the version maybe they should bundle this, prebuilt.

I would prefer not need to babysit yet other software due poor strategic decisions.

I think I have built/installed it two times in the couple of years I have been using it.

Once when I first found it, and once when Homeassistant deprecated the old HTTP authentication.