Bricked Turris 1 after last update

After the last SW update from this week, my Turris model RTRS01 was completely bricked. LEDs had different colors, no WiFi network available and when I connected via LAN, I did not get any IP. And even if I set computer’s IP manually, I was not able to connect to Turris admin page. Therefore I had to factory reset the router and set everything from scratch. And this is annoying, because I had a lot of modifications (network interfaces, firewall rules, DHCP/DNS settings, etc.) and of course I did not have updated backup :slight_smile:

Now I am just wondering if it’s possible somehow to get any info why my Turris had this issue (some log or whatever), or how to prevent it in future (except doing backups :slight_smile: ). Or if you have any similar feedback from other users.

//EDIT: Now I see the notification :slight_smile: Ok, what was the issue? And how to solve it?

odepíši ti v češtině, protože kdyby ses podíval, tak nebylo nutné zakládat další a již duplicitní téma.
Na fóru najdeš minimálně 3 témata, které se věnují onomu stavu, který popisuješ a vznikl díky aktualizaci 3.8.2.

Pokud nejste BFU, tak tento návod je pro Vás:

Pokud jste BFU a zmigroval jste na BTRFS

Pokud jste BFU a nezmigroval jste na BTRFS:

Nekdo se tak poanglicti ,ze zapomene cesky cist :slight_smile: Ten problem s 3.8.2 snad ani na foru nejde bez klapek na ocich prehlednout :slight_smile: