Brand new Turris - LAN ports does not work ans setup not possible


Dear All,
I just received my brand new Turris from Amazon and I try to set it up. Unfortunately I could not connect to it from my windows 10 PC with LAN to set it up.
External internet led is blinking all the time and no LAN ports seems to work. Any advice ?



Did you get ip on lan port?

If no you can will try



Hi David,
Thank you for your kind advice. I did factory reset (3 leds) but did not get to the stage when all leds turned green. In general it is as it was before but i just noticed that some times leds are turning on and off in blue from right to the left and back creating some kind of wave effect. Does gives you any hint ?


Hmm… this is strange, honestly i dont know what is wrong with router.

You can try re-flash router (manual is on same page as reset), hope it will help you. If not i will consider contacting turris support via mail for more help or contact Amazon and ask for replacement.



Hi David,
I tried option 4 now and no difference as in previous case. ;-( I think this is a moment to send it back to Amazon unless you have any idea.


There is one more idea … you can try connect your router via serial line and you will see what is wrong (you will see whole booting etc) there.

I you want to try this here is how to:

But if re-flash doesnt help, i think its some hw issue and you should get a new one, this is not expected product behavior at all.


I would ask if it is possible, test with another LAN cable. There may be a problem with the connected LAN cable. With some poor quality cables, a problem can sometimes arise. If the exchange of the cable between Omnia and the computer did not work, I would see the return of Router as the easiest solution for you. At that point, I would ask for the SN to be written in a private message so I can get the salesman back up and a diagnosis can be made.


I would second the idea of trying with a different cable. When I set up my second Omnia, one of the PCs I tested it with would not get an IP (or even get a link with the cable) unless I used a different cable.


Hi Jan,
Another cable did not work. I do not know how to send you a private message but I did not managed to returned ruter to Amazon in time so I can send it to you directly.


Dear Jan,
I finally got required cable and had some time to look at it again so below is a result from serial link connection:
U-Boot SPL 2015.10-rc2 (Aug 18 2016 - 20:43:35)
High speed PHY - Version: 2.0
SERDES0 card detect: PEX

Initialize Turris board topology
Detected Device ID 6820
board SerDes lanes topology details:
| Lane # | Speed | Type |

| 0 | 5 | PCIe0 |
| 1 | 5 | USB3 HOST0 |
| 2 | 5 | PCIe1 |
| 3 | 5 | USB3 HOST1 |
| 4 | 5 | PCIe2 |
| 5 | 0 | SGMII2 |

poll_op_execute: TIMEOUT
:** Link is Gen1, check the EP capability
PCIe, Idx 0: remains Gen1
:** Link is Gen1, check the EP capability
PCIe, Idx 1: remains Gen1
PCIe, Idx 2: detected no link
High speed PHY - Ended Successfully
DDR3 Training Sequence - Ver TIP-1.29.0
Memory config in EEPROM: 0x02
PBS failed for IF #0
PBS failed for IF #0
PBS failed for IF #0
PBS failed for IF #0
PBS failed for IF #0
PBS failed for IF #0
PBS failed for IF #0
PBS failed for IF #0
PBS failed for IF #0
PBS failed for IF #0
PBS failed for IF #0
PBS failed for IF #0
PBS failed for IF #0
PBS failed for IF #0
PBS failed for IF #0
PBS failed for IF #0
max poll IF #0

r_l: DDR3 poll failed(2) for bus 3ddr3_tip_dynamic_read_leveling TF failure
Title: I/F# , Tj, Calibration_n0, Calibration_p0, Calibration_n1, Calibration_p1 , Calibration_n2, Calibration_p2,CS0 ,
VWTx, VWRx, WL_tot, WL_ADLL, WL_PH, RL_Tot, RL_ADLL, RL_PH, RL_Smp, Cen_tx, Cen
rx, Vref, DQVref, PBSTx-Pad0,PBSTx-Pad1,PBSTx-Pad2,PBSTx-Pad3,PBST x-Pad4,PBSTx-Pad5,PBSTx-Pad6,PBSTx-Pad7,PBSTx-Pad8,PBSTx-Pad9,PBSTx-Pad10, P BSRx-Pad0,PBSRx-Pad1,PBSRx-Pad2,PBSRx-Pad3,PBSRx-Pad4,PBSRx-Pad5,PBSRx-Pad6,PBSR x-Pad7,PBSRx-Pad8,PBSRx-Pad9,PBSRx-Pad10,
Data: 0,81,19,17,19,17,20,20,CS0 ,
0,0,32,0,1,831,31,3,11,8,10,4,0, 63,63,63,63,31,31,63,63,63,63,63 , 1,2,1,0,1,1,2,1,1,0,0, 3,5,0,3,2,2,4,0,3,3,0,
0,0,19,19,0,831,31,3,11,27,10,4,0, 63,63,63,63,31,31,63,63,63,63,63 , 0,2,2,7,4,4,4,9,8,6,0, 0,0,0,3,3,3,0,4,6,3,0,
0,0,19,19,0,831,31,3,11,27,10,4,0, 63,63,63,63,31,31,63,63,63,63,63 , 0,2,0,6,4,4,4,5,8,6,0, 3,4,0,7,4,4,5,4,9,7,0,
0,0,33,1,1,831,31,3,11,9,10,4,0, 63,63,63,63,31,31,63,63,63,63,63 , 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0, 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,

Run_alg: tuning failed 0
DDR3 run algorithm - FAILED 0x1
DDR3 Training Sequence - FAILED


Changed category to Omnia from Turris 1.x. I don’t think it’s possible to get brand new Turris 1.x, especially from Amazon.


Dear All,
What is the next step ? What does this log tells you ? Is it hardware issue ? Is it something that should be covered be the product warranty? Is there anything I could do to make it work?


This is a HW fault and I would like to write on our support there we talk about how to send the router to repair.