Branch update fails

To understand if I’m wrong. I have been trying to switch to the various branches (hbk, hbl, hbd) for a while and I always get some errors that prevent me from ending the switch-branch correctly (some packages are missing in the repositories, perhaps because the compilation has failed or some fails post installation process). So I decided to try to flash directly the branch’s medikit to try and strangely it worked (it’s the first time in months), but here the probable bug in the process. Once you have entered the router just flashed, the hbs branch appears in the information, although for example it has flashed hbk and as soon as I start the update from Foris it takes me back to the previous version, performing an unsolicited downgrade. Am I wrong?

updater defaults to HBS

Once done with the medkit installation and prior invoking an update modify /etc/config/updater with the branch that is your traget (other than HBS)

config turris 'turris'
	option mode 'branch'
	option branch ''

Ok, but if I swith to branch by command line then I don’t need any change, the updater works correctly.
It seems a bug and not wanted behaivor.

The command line achieves the same as manipulating the file

With the command line you just did such change…

The behaviour wanted by the developers is

If you reckon this being a bug then perhaps lodge an issue with the developers at their Gitlab repository.

OK. It’s clear. Thanks.