Blocking specific IP address in LuCI

Hi there… I was inspecting my FW data, and see some .tr address that seems to be rather interested in my precious.
Now, i want to block that IP. A simple WAN > LAN drop/reject/go away rule.
I’m in the Luci panel, but it’s not very clear to me how i make a simple rule in there…is it possible to make that in Luci, or do i need to fiddle with a SSH putty terminal something?

Or is this correct?

You could try it out if this is correct, by for example blocking the ipaddress from your 3/4G connection that you have on your smartphone.

true, but i was wondering more if i can set a rule like this in luci. as the picture shows, i did fiddle around and added a rule that looks correct to me here /cgi-bin/luci/admin/network/firewall/rules

Probeer dit eens…

Block access to a specific host

The following rule blocks all connection attempts to the specified host address.

config rule
        option src              lan
        option dest             wan
        option dest_ip
        option target           REJECT

IN your case would be…src WAN dest LAN…desk_ip…(turk)…target reject…

If you have tried that, then in LuCi would also be visible as it should be.