Blocking some MAC addresses

Is it possible to block some MAC addresses on the LAN from accessing the internet?

I can do it from the command line with iptables but for ease of use would prefer a GUI interface either in Foris or in LuCI. I can’t find it anywhere in the dialogs.


Firewall - Traffic rules - Add

That’s still quite low-level. Is there a more user friendly interface where I could only enter the unwanted (=kids’) MACs?

This will do the same if you don’t want to do it manually

I built this for the Omnia a while back. IDK if it’s the current version, but I don’t think there are any real dependencies on the Turris stack.

The version I have shows 0.4.1.

0.4.1 should be the latest. There is 0.4.2 but for 05/2017 later versions.

There are packages already compiled and repo link.
From what I understood there are no dependencies. It’s just luci plugin.
TBH I never used this - there’s no why. I just offered click’n’go method to @mludvig.