Blinking of the wifi LED

Since the last update drivers for wifi cards a few months ago, does not respond properly flashing the wifi LED to the wifi activities on both frequencies. The LED is permanently lit, rather.

Does anyone have a similar experience?
Is there a solution?

Go to LuCi / System / LED Configuration and hit Save & Apply.

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I tried it, it partly helped. For some actions, it works for some not. I have tried such as and in both zones wifi without flashing. Outweighs the status LED is not responding to that wifi traffic. The signal can’t be relied upon.

I tried to save the above settings for the second time, and the result is the same. Immediately after saving acts for a while (approx. 1-3 minute) correctly and then stops responding on wifi traffic or just the random sporadic response.

Could it be related to Active script for control of LED brightness and response control connection ?