Bent case on new Turris Wifi 6 routers

We’ve just received two new Omnias, and both have something that looks like a defect - the side of the case that contains the ethernet ports and two antenna connectors is bent inwards.

Should I contact support or is this somehow “correct”?

I am so sorry that it happened to you! :frowning: This is definitely not how it should be. It looks like the package was somehow damaged during the transportation. It would be best if you reached support and the seller. Describe the situation as much as possible together with more photos, if possible.

I think I know what’s the culprit. The side holes in the paper box are wrongly positioned - they leave unused empty space in front of the router, while there is missing space for the RP-SMAs on the rear side. When they close the paper box in the packaging factory, they bend the case. @Pepe you should immediately contact the packaging factory.

I’ll send more photos to the support department to start RMA.


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