(Beginner) Help Creating new AP with Dedicated Network

I recently moved to a larger house and now i’m trying to utilize an old Netgear router as an additional access point for the Omnia. I’d like the other half of the house (connected via a switch) to run on a different IP range (in this case, 192.168.2.xxx)

  • I currently have the modem plugged into the WAN on the omnia.
  • From there, I have the lan0 (eth0) port plugged into a TP-Link switch with three CAT 5e runs out to the other half of the house.
  • One of those CAT5e cables goes into a Netgear router. That router is setup with the same AP name and password, DHCP turned off, and the omnia as the default gateway. I also switched it to a static IP:
  • I setup a vlan for eth0 and set the address to

I must have done something wrong because now in the part of the house where I’m trying to extend wifi, I can no longer access the netgear router (both and bring me to the Turris/Luci config). In the part of the house near the Turris, doesn’t bring up any interface.

I’d like to be able to access the netgear for configuration from anywhere in the house, but still have good wifi coverage all with the same AP name and password.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Do you really need another dedicated network? It is not enough on the second router, optimally connected by cable to Turris, to turn off dhcp on Netgear?

There is no real need for the 192.168.2.xxx range other than I would like to easily see where things are connected based on their IP address. Is it difficult to have everything connected through that ethernet port on the Turris be 192.168.2.xxx? I suppose I can just use a random IP address for the router in the 192.168.1.xxx range if setting up the new range is too difficult to do

Ok, I have things working by simply getting rid of the vlan and putting the “dumb” router (the netgear) onto something in the range of 192.168.1.xxx.

So it it not possible to assign all things connected to the “dumb” router to a range in 192.168.2.xxx territory? That would help me to figure out which things are actually connected to which devices.


I would also go with one logical network:
NETGEAR gateway

Like that you can access each device from each part of the house. And you should also change the name of the wifi to lets say HOUSE - LEFT WING and HOUSE - RIGHT WING so like that you know what is connected where (also on the device itself should be a list of connected devices).