Basic questions about the Turris shield


after the turris shield had a miserable life for me for some time, I have now decided to put it into operation after all.

In my opinion, the turris shield will be updated relatively quickly. First of all, that is very laudable.
Nevertheless, after the small number of posts here in the forum, I have the impression that it is something like the “unloved child”.

There have been a few requests regarding port forwarding, but they have all come to nothing.

I too am now struggling with the problem, because after I put the Turris Shield into operation, as already written above, my external access to my Nextclud server no longer works.

I don’t find that very pleasing, since another VPN connection is out of the question for me, since my Android smartphone cannot establish 2 VPN connections at the same time. I already use Blokada with it.

Furthermore, for security reasons, it is also out of the question for me to put my fritzbox in IP client mode, since the internal firewall is then deactivated and I would have to rely entirely on Turris Shield.
I may have inadvertently misinterpreted the Turris Shield as “extra protection”.

I don’t want to be misunderstood, I find the concept extremely interesting, but unfortunately I haven’t found a sensible solution to my problem yet.

Is there another way, apart from the ones I have already described, that I can use the turris Shield to access my Nextcloud server from outside?

Would it make sense to give the Turris Shield a different firmware (MOX) in order to possibly have the option of port forwarding? I’m ready for all “messy things”!

Finally my current configuration, where everything works except for port forwarding:

Provider <-> Draytek Vigor 165 (modem mode) <-> Turris Shield <-> Fritzbox 7590 <-> Clients (LAN/Wlan)

Another question here:
Could Turris MOX, consisting of MOX A (Basic) + MOX C (Ethernet), be the same as Turris Shield + Portforwarding? I am aware that there would be double NAT in connection with the Fritzbox.

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I don’t think you can run mox fw on a shield

As far as I understand yes. You will basically get a shield with more advanced config options and possibilities to install packages.


Thanks for your reply, I’ll have to see if I can try that…

I’m quite sure that it’s not officially supported.

It is to be expected that this is not officially supported. But if I understand it correctly, MOX Start comes in the 1GB version and the Turris Shield uses a version with only 512MB. So the question would be whether the original Turris Shield hardware works with the MOX firmware or even a MOX Start with 1GB could work as a Turris Shield. Whether the performance would increase in the latter case, I can not judge.

RAM depends. Separate A module (MOX Start) has 1G but e.g. MOX Pocket Wi-Fi has also only 0.5G.

Thanks for the info.