Backup whole /etc and /root via Luci


I’ve been using OpenWRT on several routers for years and purchased Turris Omnia now.
There is a nice feature in Luci on OpenWRT to select directories that should be backed up next to the default backup (custom files etc) and save the backup directly from GUI.
I cannot find this feature in Luci on router Turris Omnia.
I’ve tried to modify /etc/config/backup in order to achieve the same functionality with Foris, but Foris has loaded one of CPU cores after this.
I’ve solved the problem by using sysupgrade -b /root/router_backup_date +"%Y_%m_%d-%H_%M".tar.gz but is there any way how to create/download backup archive via Luci?

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There is a light version of backup and I am not sure whether there are settings to customize somewhere.

some settings are customizable via /etc/config/backup


config generate generate
# custom firewall rules from LuCI config
list dirs “/etc/firewall.user”
## Some extra files and directories for inspiration:
# if you want to backup startup services
#list dirs “/etc/rc.d”
# to backup root ssh config, authorized and private keys
#list dirs “/root/.ssh”
# if you want to backup system users as well
#list dirs “/etc/passwd”
#list dirs “/etc/shadow”
# if you want to backup OpenVPN Foris plugin certificates
#list dirs “/etc/ssl/ca/openvpn”
# if you have some custom crontabs
#list dirs “/etc/cron.d/my_crontab”

That’s for Cloud Backups in Foris.
See it here:

Oops. Since it is named backup and not containing any reference to cloud it perhaps caused me being led astray.

But I noticed that file is used for local backups also: it would include the directories I added to the file. Is it safe to use it this way?

There is no option for cloud backup in Forris/Updater in Mox or in Luci