Backup / Restore on Turris OS 6.0

As far as I can see, backup / restore of the Turris configuration is missing.
Also the Turris Documentaion does not mention backup except of Schnapps.

Can you give guidance how to take a (full) configuration backup? Thx!

Access your router via SSH and copy the files you want to backup (e.g. complete folder /etc/config/) to a destination of your choice.
Can for sure be done either via cli or GUI.

What I had to learn: schnapps is much more powerful as it allows you to export a snapshot, which means having all files of the whole partition. There are how-tos available showing the way to prepare an USB-stick with this exported snapshot in order to reflash your router with this very configuration.


@ssdnvv Thx for your reply!

I took a closeer look at Schnapps and yes, it is quite a powerful tool!

I wanted to avoid a USB-Stick, but wanted an external backup and solved it by calling ssh turris schnapps export [snapshotid] - > turris-backup.tar.gz.

schnapps upload + schnapps sync support WebDAV, Nextcloud and SSH server. I have to test it, but it looks promising.

That said, a “Download Snapshot” via the WebGUI is missing for a quick “external” backup (especially for less experienced user). I hope, this is on the roadmap, but for me the problem is solved. Thx!

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