AW7915-NP1 in Turris MOX

Curious if there is any known issue using the following WiFi 6 module in Turris MOX running the latest Turris OS:


I have one and when trying to use it in MOX the card is recognized and initially configurable both in Luci and Foris interfaces, but once the card is enabled MOX shuts down and fails to reboot successfully.

Changing the wireless module back to original one supplied with MOX after re-loading OS has MOX booting without issue.

I haven’t taken the time to pull any logs related to this, but was curious if there is a known issue with this or if I need to install some other driver available in repos to get the module to function with MOX.

I did see that this module should function without issue:

AsiaRF AW7915-NPD

As is supported in change logs and such, but I am trying to use AW7915-NP1 instead of AW7915-NPD.

This sounds like a bug - in that case please create an issue in gitlab or write a mail to turris support.

I tested a AW7915-NP1 in one of my MOX when TOS 6 was in development branche (HBL/HBD) and it worked flawlessly. Currently my MOX runs a WLE1216v5-20, so I cannot comment on TOS stable 6.4.4.
Did you delete ˋetc/config/wifiˋ before switching the wifi cards?

this actually sounds like a hardware issue - with the power supply. the aw7950 cards draw considerably more power than the one that came with the mox, if i´m not mistaken.
so, do check the boot-logs, but maybe also try a stronger / newer psu. i already had one of the original ones fail half a year ago, leading to a bootloop on one of my mox with lan extensions…


Looks like it was power supply, I swapped in a 12V 5A power supply and it works fine now.


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