Audio stream / network / question about configuration

Question about configuration / advice needed

I want to connect my „Internet radio“ to my PCs music streaming.
“IN-radio” shall play the music and make sound.
The PC shall stream local music files using „rygel“. This is done by invoking „rygel“ to start that application and its output stream (works).

local v4 network, mostly static addresses
DSL Internet connection via DSL box
Linux Ubuntu 18.10 on PC,
software for music stream: rygel,
probably DLNA, UDP, SSDP involved.
„Internet radio“ via WiFi, fixed IP in local v4-network; Internet connect successful (for “IN-radio” functionality).
Turris Omnia OpenWrt omnia 15.05 r47055 is WiFi and network router; LuCI access available.
Turris config unchanged (I am not skilled on Ports and Forwarding and firewall and the like)

Starting rygel stream on PC does not reach IN-radio.
„Internet radio“ does not receive a stream from the PC.
Assumption: Stream is blocked / not forwarded by Turris Omnia
This worked before with a different router (same INradio, same PC).

I am only advanced user, not sysadmin (no idea of firewall and ports).
I am quite sure not to be the first one to have these problems.


  • How can I configure Turris Omnia to let the stream pass?
  • How can I analyse the issue?
  • How to configure the Turris Omnia to let these streams pass (only in the local network)?

Are you aware of a similar issue resolved here or at OpenWRT or somewhere in the net?
Any links and hints welcome.


Hallo community,

Thank you all for not sending a reply.

Thank you all for not even trying to help.

This was a “great” experience, thanks a lot!

I learned something. Nothing I was keen to see.


Your “internet radio” have only wifi connection option or also LAN ? (at least for test purpose)
Are both devices (radio and PC) in the same subnet? Can you ping radio’s IP from PC (if it supports icmp)?

Are you able to connect to the service from different device? (smartphone or better different PC to test LAN vs wifi behavior)

Hallo MiKe, thanks for your kind reply!
Yes, same subnet and I can ping the “IN radio” from my computer, all have static IPs and belong to same sub-network.

However, I removed the Turris Omnia from my home net. It is so hyper-complicated to configure. Whenever I changed something in the firewall config all communication stoped. Total failure. I loaded backup config files to revert the problem.

Essentially if you did not study computer networks at university the Turris Omnia is way too complicated.

I gave up. I tossed it into some cupboard.

However, thanks a lot for your kind reply! And enjoy the holidays.

I agree - partially :slight_smile: but unfortunately turris devs don’t see it that way. On the other side user must know what he’s doing other way he can make security/configuration problem.

If you’ll have time, patience and will to try it again I will try to help.

Nice holidays to you too