Atlas SW probe package dissapeared from HBL

Any idea why atlas-sw-probe package dissapeared from HBL? I mean
It is still available in HBD but I dont want to switch to HBD branch.
When is it planned to make it into HBS?

Most likely it failed to build. Noticed the same package absence in the TOS6.x branch.

Hello @xsys,

Thank you for reporting this issue to us. During the weekend @Nones reported it to me, but there’s going to be some moving between branches as OpenWrt 19.07 released a new version a few days ago. The announcement will be released soon. So, HBL will be 19.07 and HBD master.

We have decided to introduce even to a fixup release of Turris OS 4.0.5 package Atlas SW probe there as well. So it will be in all the branches.


We will add it in RC2 of Turris OS 4.0.5.

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Ok, thank you, looking forward :slight_smile:

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