Ath10k - Not open source firmware

One of the Wi-Fi chips supports 802.11ac and there are no free drivers for it, so it must run non-free code.

I have a ath9k supported chip which I can replace the ac card with if needed.
Please help me to get a truly open build here.

If you don’t like the AC card that requires binary only firmware, you can replace it easily by using opening up the case and replacing the card. We used it as we found no comparable and at the same time more open card available. Other card is ath9k, so you even have drivers already available :wink:

Allright thanks will do.
But I think you should write somewhere that some very important bits of firmware are closed and potentially harming users’ privacy.
So the router isn’t as open as people would think.

And I wonder if there’s any more blobs running anywhere in the box?
I spoke to the guy from LibreCMC and there were some issues regarding the build if I remember correctly.