Assign custom host names?

I’d like to make some changes to the hostnames on my router:

Assign Samsung-TV to E4:7C:F9:07:F1:25
Rename android-42fea598341f0e37 to Peloton

Neither of these devices allows for name configuration/changes.

I figured that I could just create a static lease, but without the IP-address reservation (I don’t care if it changes):

When I look at the status page, I don’t see any changes.

All I really want to do is associate a friendly name w/ a MAC address.
Have I done this correctly?

Which file contains this setting? It’s not etc/hosts, /etc/config/resolver, /etc/ethers, or /etc/config/dhcp.


** edit **

The settings are actually contained in /etc/config/dhcp–my mistake.

I would be really helpful if Luci would somehow indicate where the settings are saved (for the page being displayed).

Oh, for Pete’s sake, I forgot to press Save and Apply.

It appears to have worked: