AsiaRF Wi-Fi 7 Tri-Band Module Coming Soon!


I just got a word there will be a new Tri-Band Wi-Fi 7 module introduced on CES in Vegas in January 9-12 by AsiaRF! Reason why they have not gone to produce a AW7916-NP1 - only the NPD…

I hope Turris Omnia will support it soon!

I’ll update this with info once released - unless someone beats me to it!


I think I have something to share, which popped out on the social media:

Will you use somehow the Wi-Fi 7 soonish?


I have one device where I didn’t upgrade the oldish WiFi 5-card by now :scream:

I think using Turris Omnia is still cutting edge (there is no other upgradeable board that has nearly native OpenWrt and is actively supported) and therefore looking for the best upgrades is a natural thing to do. Even though the most recent upgrades have been deployed only one year ago…

But back to topic: looking at the data rates that WiFi 7 offers I fear our beloved Turris Omnia will not serve the next gen WIFI speeds anymore. Built-in mPCIe can deliver 2,5Gbit/s which is exactly the speed the SFP supports. So serving WiFi 6 5GHz 4×4x4 is fine. But anything beyond cannot deliver higher speeds.
You might in special areas get a better coverage using WiFi 7, but that could also be done via good external antennas and WiFi 5/6.
So - sorry, but upgrading TO (and even less MOX) to WiFi 7 doesn’t not make much sense to me.

Don’t forget that not all traffic has to go through the upstream port. Many people have local NAS drives or other sources of large data where good LAN throughput is still a good thing. Although I’m more of a cable guy, so I’m not going over Gbit on my LAN, but at least it is a stable and predictable Gbit =)

There’s also the fact that you never really get the full advertised speeds of Wi-Fi. A card with a theoretical 5gb/s max might still be fine on a 2.5gb/s uplink in practice.