Any software for better DNS logging and visualization?

Does anyone have recommendations to better visualiz DNS request as well as more information with regards to more detailed DNS logging

I currently use Adblock and it is OK but it doesn’t show full request / response of DNS queries or the full URL.

I came across a blog that someone used syslog-ng to forward events to another server and set up ELK to help with the visualization

Are there any already available pieces of software I can install to get more detailed logging and to help visualize?

Thanks in advance

A DNS request does not include any kind of URL information. What does you mean with “full”?

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if you want to use adblock this is the only way … use remote logging and filter dns stuff to extra file
also you can have pi-hole instead( installed in lxc) and there you have some fancy dashboard stuff , pie graphs and so on …

there is option Luci>Network>DHPC & DNS>GeneralSettings>LogQueries(on/off) , that should do the stuff (maybe?). and maybe supressLogging should be set off in advancedOptions section.

No, I believe it won’t do anything. No DNS settings from Luci get used by kresd or unbound.

I suspect you might be interested in PaKon.

Awesome thanks for the feedback