Any news on Turris Omnia Enterprise or Turris SG1?

Is there any news about the Turris Omnia Enterprise or Turris SG1 projects?

I’m interested in the Turris Omnia Enterprise. I’d be even more interested if one or more of its SFP ports were capable of handling 2.5 Gbps or 10 Gbps data rates.

As for the Turris SG1, it looks like it might suit my needs for a travel router, among other things.




I hope it ships one day… and that it ships with stock OpenWRT.

I am also waiting for the release and I would also be happy about a new teaser - a sign of life… something like that :stuck_out_tongue:

From Turris (@turris_cz) | nitter on August 28:

LinuxDays begins on October 7.


But that’s a photo of Omnia


The presentation at LinuxDays is scheduled for Saturday October 7 at 1200 (Europe/Prague). 20 minutes only.

We are still working on powerful open-source routers with security features. That hasn’t changed. With new and new updates, Turris routers are still evolving. What new features have we added to our devices? When will we make the next big update to Turris OS? What about new devices? The presentation at IT 2023/LDs will provide the answers.

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Too bad it is not in English :cry:

I’m sure that someone will post here in English, at least the most interesting bits.


There is another Turris presentation on the same day from 13:00–13:50 (Europe/Prague):

Server virtualization using LXC
This talk will show easy server virtualization using LXC technology in Turris project using Ansible tool.

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