Antenna wire too short, can I remove the little wifi card?

I want to put a msata card in my omnia, but one of the antenna wires for the small card is not long enough to move it as shown in the youtube video.
Is it ok to just have one antenna wire or just to remove the card completely ?

ok in which context? The wire (pigtail) serves a purpose (Wlan frequency band connector between card and antenna) or else it would be unlikely to be there in the first place.

Well, will the small wifi card still work, when it can only transmit using the one antenna, or is it best to just remove the card, and will that have any effect on the router in other ways ?
I know what the wire does, I actually have a radio amateur licence.

The smaller Wlan card covers the 2.4GHz band. Removing the card thus removes that band but does not otherwise impede the device’s functionality.

Suppose the card should still work with 1 pigtail only, instead of 2 x 2 MIMO then being reduced to 1 x 1 MIMO, however I am not 100% sure since never tried.

OK, thank you, I think i will just remove it.