Antenna not connected (loose wires inside case)


When I got my Turris Omnia, the antenna mounting studs were a little loose. So I followed the emailed directions and opened up the case to tighten them down. But one of the three antennas was completely disconnected – the wires that were clearly supposed to be soldered to it were hanging loose. See photo of loose wires.

What is my remedy? Can I fix this myself? Send it back for repair or replacement?


Selling my Turris Omnia 2 GB

I had same problem.

You can fix it quickly. Very carefully click antennas to connectors. There are not soldered …


Oh! I didn’t think to try that.

But which wire goes to which terminal?


like here -


This images is more clear:

Image from by @DooMMasteR:


Actualy from Compex WLE900 goes 5GHz pigtails and from second one goes 2.4GHz pigtails. When you look closely on signal combiners, you can notice small labels which one is 5GHz and 2.4GHz, so connect pigtails on correct ones.


Thank you! That did the trick. My wifi range is better than it was.


I just created 3D printable spacer, which helps to tighten the antenna conectors. Take look at:



which card are you using for the 2.4ghz wifi? i beleive im using the smaller card with only 2 wires running out of it and my signal starts going down as soon as i walk in the next room of the home.