An opkg for Cockpit?

I’ve been using Cockpit for a while:

It’s nice because it’s light on resources, using near nix when not actively queried (runs a passive web service that responds only when you need it) and provides an overview of performance and resource use and management tools across a LAN all my Llinux servers including Pis.

The conspicuous absence for the moment is the router/gateway and it would be nice to see it on the same interface. Cockpit project don’t build an opkg. but there’s no reason it can’t be (runs fine on ARM boxes and is intended to be light on resource use).

I’ve had a look into it and there’s some fine documentation on how to build opkgs:

But it looks like fair commitment just to get the whole dev environment ready to try, so I’m, wondering:

  1. Has it already been done and does an opkg exist in some repo or other?
  2. Is anyone who’s set up with a build environment inspired to give it a try and build an opkg?




OpenWRT/LEDE packages. · Issue #7882 · cockpit-project/cockpit · GitHub according to this there is quite huge reason - missing systemd in Openwrt

Well spotted and noted. Thanks for the update!