An Error Occurred - shadowRoot


sometimes happen, that for particular browser reForis choose for quite a long time ending the log-in as:

An Error Occurred
Error: Permission denied to access property "shadowRoot"

More detailed information is available in the console of your web browser - on most browsers accessible after pressing Ctrl+Shift+J or F12.

Meanwhile I can log in from different machine with no problem, same browser.

While attempting so solve this - cleared cookies, restarted browser, did that in incognito tab, with uBlock and extension off and also rebooted Omnia, but with no effect.

It’s only reForis UI - from the screen prompting me to choose between LuCI and reForis, the LuCI let me access UI with no problem.

This is somehow mostly temporary / after few days reForis let me in.

Does someone having the same issue?

What is the information to search for with console?

Hi @AntonF,

Thank you for your feedback. I can’t reproduce this bug, but I’ve received some useful logs from other users, that the support team forwarded to me. I will try to find out what’s wrong.

You can track the progress on that issue here.

Could you please tell me what reForis version and Turris OS are you on? Is it HBS/HBL branch?


Hi @Aleksan4eg,

now it’s 7.0 RC / HBT.

But encountering it also on HBS. Happened to me several times.

Tried reForis now and it’s working - fortunately - but unfortunately can’t send you some output from console.

So now this persisted for 4 days.
3 days with no action on browser (just hibernation of the machine).

For today log-in after soft restart from reForis the response is:

JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data

Had to enter full path for browser history into LuCI menu and this bring log-in again (for LuCi, not the ‘choice’ reForis vs LuCI).

From LuCI, at the upper left corner from the top bar menu there is the name of the HW - this should bring the choice screen, it ended up again with same error.

Just FYI as I feel it may be something similar to this.

Update - found here a solution:

lighttpd restart is needed

~# service lighttpd restart