All leds red when re-flashing router



I’m using the Turris Omnia for about one year and I’m quite happy with it. However today suddenly the internet via WIFI was still working but I could not connect via SSH or connect to the Webinterface. I restarted the router and my WIFI network disapeared. I restarted a few times but my wifi network never appeared again.

So I tried “Standard Reboot”, “Rollback to latest Snapshot” and “Rollback to factory reset”. The LEDs just light up on restart and in the end only the “Power” LED and the PCI2-Led are enabled. I connected a network cable. No wired connection neither.

So I tried to reflash the router. I downloaded the file and copied it to my usb stick and put it into the front USB connection. Then I entered “Re-Flash” Mode. After the usual blinking all LEDs go to “green” and then after a short time all LEDs got to “red” and stay there. Nothing happens. I don’t know how long “re-flashing” usually takes but I assume after 15 Minutes it should be finished? Right?

I read that it might by that I am in the “Rescue shell”. But no, I’m sure I entered “Re-flash mode” (4 LEDs (Power, 0, 1, 2)).

So any ideas? What can I do?

Thanks and regards


Did you figure this out? I’m having the same issue.