All leds red when re-flashing router


I’m using the Turris Omnia for about one year and I’m quite happy with it. However today suddenly the internet via WIFI was still working but I could not connect via SSH or connect to the Webinterface. I restarted the router and my WIFI network disapeared. I restarted a few times but my wifi network never appeared again.

So I tried “Standard Reboot”, “Rollback to latest Snapshot” and “Rollback to factory reset”. The LEDs just light up on restart and in the end only the “Power” LED and the PCI2-Led are enabled. I connected a network cable. No wired connection neither.

So I tried to reflash the router. I downloaded the file and copied it to my usb stick and put it into the front USB connection. Then I entered “Re-Flash” Mode. After the usual blinking all LEDs go to “green” and then after a short time all LEDs got to “red” and stay there. Nothing happens. I don’t know how long “re-flashing” usually takes but I assume after 15 Minutes it should be finished? Right?

I read that it might by that I am in the “Rescue shell”. But no, I’m sure I entered “Re-flash mode” (4 LEDs (Power, 0, 1, 2)).

So any ideas? What can I do?

Thanks and regards

Did you figure this out? I’m having the same issue.

Hi @olijaun and @NCL1,

i am having the exact same issue right now.
So same urgent question, how did you guys deal with that?
Tried several times re-flashing router (according to docu) but red lights remain steadily lit, nothing happened for 10 hours.
Any solution?


i have also exactly the same issue.
Did you solved the problem?

Just connect it to a serial console and insert it here (probably will be a bad information in the environment and here it will cost).

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It is recommended that the USB flashdisk be reformatted to FAT or FAT32.

Suddenly same issue for me. No wifi no lan, only wan and pci led on.

Anyone solved it already?


For me the eMMC was worn down.
I was able to recover by adding a mSATA SSD and proceding according to the post by n8v8r and this help page.

Hope this helps