All LEDs blink once a second right after connecting the power

Does anybody know what it means when all the LEDs of Mox (including RJ45 and G-module LEDs) start blinking once a second right after connecting power to it. Is this same as rapid blinking that identifies a HW issue?

This is how I received my Mox back from warranty “repair”, so I have no idea what Turris support/HW has done for it. I didn’t receive any message note or anything that it would be in some recovery mode or anything. This blinking just continues and Mox never starts up. It has microSD card that worked fine before me sending it to warranty repair. And I have tried to start it without each modules (SDIO and mpcie), but the blinking continues.

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Are you perhaps seeing something similar to this?

It - for sure - looks similar. Did you get response from technical team?

Not yet. I made a new email thread since the original thread was unrelated to this issue however I’m confident Josef and his team will give a response soon hopefully.

At least they reacted to your post, that’s already a major improvement :wink: But please share if they even tell you what this disco mode is trying to communicate. It would be useful information for other device owners.

Definitely! I’m speculating it has something to do with the power supply of Module A but I’m trying to figure out what it is :thinking:

It wasn’t the power supply brick for me (as I still have the original), but it might be power supply electronics on Module A itself, yes.

Exactly that’s what I’m speculating. I feel it’s an easy fix possibly but I’m awaiting word from support. I will report back once I have found a solution!

This is all guestimating… but as it blinks all the lights (also leds on your ethernet module), it would make sense, that it’s higher level issue than basic HW issue (like power trails)… but what I know. If only I would be next to my device, I could try to get serial connection to it, to see if it outputs something useful. The plan is to do this during xmas, when I actually get to see my device(s) first time IRL :slight_smile:

I reached out to support and they replaced my Module A to fix the issue. :slight_smile: Now everything is working properly and I will try and see if I can send back the nonfunctional unit so it’s at least recycled and used hopefully.