All interfaces disappear after installing 'Extensions of network protocols for 3G/LTE'

About a month ago, right after an update, the 4G connection stopped working. However, if I rolled back to a previous working state it did work. So, I turned off auto updates and just kept on using it. Tried many times over weeks to install the updates, but always the same problem.

Have now Performed a factory reset from Reforis and successfully reached the ‘Guide Finished’ page.

Of course the updater has failed as I only have the Quectel EC25-E modem to connect to the outside world (for which I need the LTE stuff)

I take a look at Network settings and all the interface are showing. I setup wifi and connect with my mobile phone hotspot, then download and install all updates successfully. After a reboot, I can still see all interfaces in Reforis and Luci.

Now I download the ‘Extensions of network protocols for 3G/LTE’ via wifi However, after installing, the Reforis Network Interfaces page is blank. All you see is ‘An unknown API error occurred’. A Reboot changes nothing. Still the same error

In Luci I can can only see four square boxes that show the status. There is no menu above them or anything clickable to configure anything.

Logging out of Reforis is not possible. The top right logout button does nothing.

I reboot from within Reforis, but still same problem.

I simply do not know what I’ve done wrong. Completely stuck here.

I’m using Brave browser on Linux

Any ideas?

Can you SSH into the router and post the output of commands like ifconfig, ip link, ip addr, lspci? Also, it would be helpful to get the content of some files in /etc/config, like network and firewall. But be sure to redact any personal information and passwords from the files before posting them. Also, the log in /var/log/messages during and after update would be useful. Again, redact it before posting.

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Thanks for the reply peci1

Edit: All online documentation & videos suggest you add an interface in Luci, then select UMTS/GPRS/EV-DO from the drop down menu. However, I just noticed ‘ModemManager’ in that same drop down menu. Maybe I never noticed it before and it has always been there, or maybe it’s a new entry added after the upgrade. Anyway, by selecting this, and not needing to select the old /dev/ttyUSB2 drop down too (it ain’t there anyway), a connection is immediately established via my Quectel modem. Hurrah!

All drop down menus are now showing in Luci, but in Reforis there is still no sight of any interfaces… just the same API error. I’ll give a different web browser a try and get back…

I encountered this when my config file got mangled. Maybe some software update made a config setting invalid or the update changed the config file in the wrong way.

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Thanks jklass

See my edited post above. Almost there. I’m just surprised it hasn’t been brought up before. Maybe this simple fix comes as second instinct to many Omnia users, or… just using LTE as your only means of connecting to the web is rare.

Could be that many landline devices never fallback to the emergecy LTE connection, so many users aren’t aware of this. Or… I could be wrong on everything.

The reforis interface is quite limited in its capabilities. As soon as you start configuring things in Luci, reforis may break at any time. But you may try to report the bug, maybe the fix is actually easy.

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Ha, ha, you’re talking to a person who bought the Omnia for its metal case (which I changed to matching black), small size and pretty flashing LED lights.

Would’t feel confident enough to declare a bug. Maybe someone else can reproduce the same result and declare it to be so. Whatever, all appears to be working now. I’m very happy. It’s a damned reliable, sturdy and portable device. Love it.

I’ll give it a while before I tick the ‘solution’ box… just in case I’m wrong.

Also, just tried another Chromium based browser (Qutebrowser) on Arch Linux, which gives the same API error. Cause is down to installing the LTE bundle. Like I said, it doesn’t affect performance. I’ll simply stick to Luci. No sweat.

Very much looking forward to the Enterprise Omnia, even though it won’t have the pretty flashing lights. Hope it comes in a colour that makes it worth purchasing :grinning: