After latest update stop works Yeelight aplication (all devices are offline)

after the latest update (TurrisOS 5.1.10) stop works Yeelight application. I see my lights as to be offline. I try to log out from the app, remove and add lights back to the app. Lights get assigned an IP address. Even I see it as an available device in the apple home kit. But the connection to app is not sucessfull. I test different Yeelight servers due to some described dropout in german servers last month but the problem seems to be related to some blocking from the Turris Omnia side. I found in the system log the following message from the moment when I try to pair light with the app:

SSDP packet sender [adress not from my home subnetwork]:1900 (if_index=-1) not from a LAN, ignoring

It seems what UPnP communication is blocked. What I can do to enable it?

Forward thanks for any help.