After installing the experimental latest firmware all LEDs are blinking green

I have Turris OS 6.5.0 and in reforis I have chosen to install all the Latest Firmware (experimental) packages.

These packages were installed: omnia-mcu-firmware-3.4-1, omnia-mcutool-0.2-1, and firmware-updater-1.0-4.

Now the Omnia blinks all the LEDs green once per second. I haven’t seen this before. Is it expected? Shouldn’t I better revert the updates?

Did you reboot the router after the update? Also, there is no such thing as rollback for firmware or NOR (at least not automated and distributed). Schnapps won’t help you in this case.

No, I haven’t rebooted yet. So Omnia is still running and blinking all green.

I thought one can downgrade the packages and that will flash the older versions. Or flash it manually, in case there are no older packages.

But the main question is, if the blinking is expected or not.

Yes, I had the same blinking. I think the only thing that might be missing is generating the Reforis request for reboot. I think I reported it already. Just reboot the router and it will get fixed.

OK, thanks. I was a bit worried by the sudden blinking.

I think there actually was reboot request, but I have it set to postpone the automatic reboots after updates up to 7 days.

You are correct. The green blinking lights are a result of the MCU firmware update. We will make sure to make the process of firmware update more documented.


Thanks, after reboot everything is fine. I was a bit scared by the blinking. Thought it means troubles

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