After changing LED colors, PCI 1 LED is "always on" until reboot

Hi everyone,

Yesterday, my Turris Omnia arrived and I’m still working on the configuration. :slight_smile: My last router also had OpenWRT installed, so I’m not new to the base software of the Omnia.

I have turned off WLAN most of the time. I only turn it on when I need it. And I’d like to see if it’s on or off by the LED status. But after turning off both WLAN’s, the PCI 1 LED stays on while the PCI 2 LED correctly turns on/off depending on the WLAN status. I already had the LED colors changed in LuCi -> System -> Rainbow when I turned off WLAN for the first time.

Today, I rebooted the router for another reason. And after that, PCI_1 LED turns on/off and shows the WLAN status correctly.

Then I changed the LED colors one more time, and without activating WLAN, the PCI 1 LED turned on again at the moment when I clicked the “Save & Apply” button. Rebooting again fixed it.

Could this be a bug ?