Advice on mSata SSD setup

I’d like to know how people have their mSata SSD set up on the PCIe. - i.e. how are they using them and what the best practices are.

I have 120Gb and I haven’t done anything with it yet (it needs partitioning and formatting etc).

What I’m planning on is:

  • Running Next Cloud to store and share photos etc from my phone
  • Having a backup of my files and my OS (I love Schnapps, what happens though if I need to factory reset and then restore a snapshot)
  • Ensuring my Turris Omnia OS is running optimally (I have the 1GB ram version of the router, would some swap be useful?)
  • possibly have a nas to store backups of my laptop/pc.

I also don’t mind getting a USB memory/disk to expand my options.

I don’t really know what best practice is, I thought about moving the whole OS filesystem to the SSD but I don’t like thewarnings on here about future proofing, setting schnapps configs and loosing luci mount UI.

Also wondered about doing something with rootfs similar to what’s explained here for USB but not sure it’s necessary or possible with mSata.

There are probably a number of ways to do all this so I wondered how other people have their memory/disks set up and what would work well for me.

I hope folks can help / share their successes and lessons learnt.

well, leave root on the internal storage, use the storage plugin to move your msata to /srv for using it as lxc storage and nextcloud storage.
Although 120 GB is not a lot. I myself have 500 GB msata and also 1 TB usb disk attached to the omnia.

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