AdGuardHome Package

I have found there is a official OpenWRT package already: [OpenWrt Wiki] AdGuard Home

Since 21.02, there is a official AdGuard Home package which can be installed through opkg.

Is there a way to include it to the official Turris packages?

Which Turris OS do you have installed? Also, it would be good to mention the model of your router.
I’ve checked the stable branch (HBS) and I see that adguardhome is available for Turris Omnia and Turris MOX. How are you trying to install it?

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Ooh I thought in the Reforis Packages…

Comparing this AdGuardHome to Adblock, which one is better?

Adblock is open source.

I suspect that holds for both:

Not sure, adblock is my fav add on on both Turris machines. Rather basic, but very efficient?
So maybe the pro and con could be in memory, or CPU usage.

By me simply Adblock

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yup, same here…

Note that default DNS differs quite a lot between OpenWrt and Turris OS. I’m not aware of anyone even checking how that difference interacts with the AdGuardHome package. (Contrary to the adblock package.)

It seems Adguard can be configured Per-client (device) which can be useful and its user interface seems to be better, but I didn´t try it yet.

That means it will not work properly?

It means that I don’t know if it will. For adblock I know it was adapted by the author for Turris as well, and various people on forum say they’re using it.

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