Adding a wired port to a wlan client/bridge

I have read several posts that address parts of this, but no success thus far. Here is my config:

  • Two hot spots provide internet access at this site
  • Previously I used a couple of RasPi units to connect the hot spots to a DMZ switch. Omnia WAN ports connected to the DMZ, where I could also connect devices in the DMZ. Omnia provided WiFi and internet access to my wired LAN.
  • I have migrated to UniFi mesh APs, so am not using Omnia for WiFi
  • I am repurposing Omnia’s WiFi, using wireless client mode to connect directly to the hot spots. That works, as does routing to the Internet when I connect to LAN on Omnia.

I’m stuck attempting to “add” a wired port to each wireless interface to connect the DMZ switch.

When I check bridge under Network / Interfaces and add the desired eth0.x port to a wwan interface, that wwan connection becomes “disabled” in the Status / Overview. I also tried creating an interface for eth0.x, and establishing the bridge under Network / Wireless so that the eth0.x interface and the wwan interface were bridged. No luck there. I’ve tested with both static and dynamic IP, as the hot spots are running DHCP servers. No difference bc I think that’s not the problem. I’ve tested by plugging my laptop wired port directly into the selected eth0.x, but no go. At least it’s not getting an IP from the DHCP server on the hot spot.

The configuration that I need to end up with will have two wwans (has those now, call them 10 and 11), each of which will be associated with a different eth0.x port for wired access on the WAN side. Instead of providing the connection point for Omnia, Internet and other devices (old configuration), the DMZ switch will simply be an extension of the eth0.x port (desired new config). I’ll plug in my IDS / etc on the switch.

Final note: the DMZ switch does have 3 VLANs - one for each WAN and one for LAN (where I connect the APs and link to the core LAN switch). Feel like I’m missing a concept in my config of the Omnia - possibly using VLANs differently on the Omnia. Previously the Omnia connected to the switch with a valid static IP. The VLANs existed on the switch only to partition the switch.

Suggestions or pointers please?


Have you read [OpenWrt Wiki] Wireless Repeater/Extender with Relayd ?

opensource wireless drivers used in LEDE do not support bridging in client mode

The issue been discussed also here How to setup two independent networks on Omnia - SW help - Turris forum

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