Added a HD on USB how to format it

i have added a 1TB 2.5" Disk over USB.
the Disk whas used befor, so how to formate it and then share it on the net?
have a nice day

mkfs.btrfs /dev/sda

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It depends on in what USB port you plugged that disk. Here is complete instructions how to work with USB storage: OpenWrt Storage - howto
For your case is important the part with this command:

  mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda2

Where the first part of the command is instruction to format (mkfs), second part is the format of formating (.ext4 but you can choose another format, but for good functionality I personally recommend you to use some of the typical linux formats), and the third part is the way to the USB port - usually:




blkid vypise info o kazdem /dev/sdX ci /dev/hdX zarizeni
fdisk -l vypise v podstate to same
fdisk,cdisk,hdparm,partx nastroje na upravu , kontrolu partitions
mkfs formatovaci nastroj (ma nekolik aliasu mkfs.ext2, mkfs.ext3, mkfs.fat …atp ) a ten vytvori prislusny filesystem
tune2fs nastroj na vytuneni filesystemu , zmeny UUID,LABEL atp

Neni moc dobre formatovat cely disk jako takovy mkfs.ext2 /deb/sd by melo vypsat varovani ze nasel jen gpt. Pokud neni dostupne /dev/sda1 ci tedy /dev/sdb1 znamena to, ze disk nema jine partition a je treba nejake vytvorit.

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