Add fiber connection to local area network

Rather than deploy more equipment, I’d like to use an SFP module in the Turris Omnia to connect to a fiber optic media converter. The media converter is on the LAN and does not involve any vlans. Is this possible?


as described in the link below you must first got to LUCI and
then set up the port to your LAN zone, and then you may be
able to use it there, but as I am informed you can only use
the WAN marked port or the SFP port and not both at
the same time.
SFP port usage

From another forum thread about the same question

Turris Omnia has three physical Ethernet ports. One of them (eth2 ) is dedicated as WAN and connected directly to WAN port. That can be either metallic or SFP. If you plug in SFP module, the metallic port will get disconnected. If you unplug the module, metallic port will be functional again. In Turris OS 3.X this can be done at runtime, on newer version changing the configuration requires reboot.

In /reforis/network-settings/interfaces you can reassign physical interfaces to WAN/LAN/Guest, so that way you could switch the roles of the WAN port with one of the LAN ports.

However, when I tried that years ago, I ran into some IPv6 issues that I wasn’t able to resolve easily, and IPv6 was critical for me, so I had to abandon that path.