Adblock using regex instead of block lists?


Only just setting up my Mox router and patched it to TurrisOS 5.1.8.
My quick question is, coming from pihole I had about a dozen regex line an 0 block lists but I have been unable to verify if regex blocking is possible with adblock.

I would love to be able to do this ^advert(s|is(ing|ements?))?[0-9]*[_.-] and retire my pihole but so far have only seen a way to select from block lists.

I suspect that it is not possible but would be grateful if someone is able to confirm.

Many thanks.

Not possible, I believe, at least in the direct way (assuming the default knot-resolver backend in my posts here).

It is possible write such conditions in knot-resolver configuration directly, but this certainly isn’t easy in there.

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