Adblock installation

is there a way how to block ads with Omnia? I did use unbound with list of ad servers on old Turris router, but it doesn’t work with Omnia (probably thanks to Knotd resolver). Old guide is here (in CZ):

An easy solution that I implemented is to set up a LXC container and install PiHole into that, works just fine and takes up very little resources on the Omnia.

You can set up a LXC container through the LuCI interface, log into it via command line and install PiHole by following their easy installer on their web site. Then just re-configure your DHCP to point to the PiHole server for DNS for your network.

Just a custom script.
You can use the same list of blocked hosts as pi-hole.

Keep the default resolver.

I have 35k blocked sites

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