AdBlock - inaccurate AD filtering

Although I have a blacklist entered in the list of AD source addresses, it still appears. Relod AdBlock does not help. It Manifests itself recently, previously worked correctly. Please for the analysis guide.

Please provide the nslookup output for both ad-related domains - thanks!

Edit: Please provide the visited URL as well.

Do you have a line in the /etc/config/resolver section kresd rpz_file=…?

Most probably, cause this will be added by adblock automatically.

Yes, rpz_file is automatically created, Okay. One question: Do you have Blacklist enabled?


root@Omnia:~# nslookup

Address 1:
Address 2:
*** Can't find No answer
root@Omnia:~# ^C
root@Omnia:~# nslookup

Address 1:
*** Can't find No answer
root@Omnia:~# nslookup

Address 1:
Address 2:
*** Can't find No answer

blacklist … enabled are only bitcoin, feodo and zeus


config resolver 'common'
	list interface ''
	list interface '::0'
	option port '53'
	option keyfile '/etc/root.keys'
	option verbose '0'
	option msg_buffer_size '4096'
	option msg_cache_size '20M'
	option net_ipv6 '1'
	option net_ipv4 '1'
	option prefered_resolver 'kresd'
	option prefetch 'yes'
	option dynamic_domains '1'
	option ignore_root_key '0'
	option forward_custom '99_cloudflare'
	option forward_upstream '0'

config resolver 'kresd'
	option rundir '/tmp/kresd'
	option forks '1'
	option keep_cache '0'
	option log_stderr '0'
	option log_stdout '0'
	list rpz_file '/etc/kresd/adb_list.overall'

config resolver 'unbound'
	option outgoing_range '60'
	option outgoing_num_tcp '1'
	option incoming_num_tcp '1'
	option msg_cache_slabs '1'
	option num_queries_per_thread '30'
	option rrset_cache_size '100K'
	option rrset_cache_slabs '1'
	option infra_cache_slabs '1'
	option infra_cache_numhosts '200'
	list access_control ' allow'
	list access_control '::0/0 allow'
	option pidfile '/var/run/'
	option root_hints '/etc/unbound/named.cache'
	option target_fetch_policy '2 1 0 0 0'
	option harden_short_bufsize 'yes'
	option harden_large_queries 'yes'
	option key_cache_size '100k'
	option key_cache_slabs '1'
	option neg_cache_size '10k'
	option prefetch_key 'yes'

config resolver 'unbound_remote_control'
	list control_interface ''
	option control_enable 'yes'
	option control_use_cert 'no'

I don’t understand, is your blacklist source enabled? If not, enable it as well and hit “Save & Apply”. Your nslookup request returns the valid IP and not “NXDOMAIN”, e.g. with enabled adblock/blacklist you should receive something like that:

root@turris:~# nslookup

** server can't find NXDOMAIN
** server can't find NXDOMAIN

Yes, I understand. You’re right and that’s just the problem. AdBlock functioned settings did not change. I tried shutting down, enable-disable, suspend-resume, reinstalling AdBlock, restart router and the like. Adblock does not work. I try other browser too.

So differently. Is the “” domain included in /etc/kresd/adb_list.overall?

*** Can’t find No answer = is fine. The IP address is worse.

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In file /etc/kresd/adb_list.overall is not line

From desktop

PS C:\Users\buchtik> nslookup
Server:  UnKnown

Non-authoritative answer:

PS C:\Users\buchtik>

Bingo - - - I was uncheck some public lists because the wife did not go to download PDF tutorials about beads from Facebook. Because I couldn’t figure-out which one extern-list is the then bad-list … I took it in bulk. Without thinking I have unchecked also “blacklist”. Control box for my own blacklist should NOT be between some external lists - but should be somewhere up window of my privat blacklist.

Restart Adblock did not help - until the browser restart.

Thank you for your patience with the remediation of my handwritten mistakes.