Adblock DNS Report combining all interfaces - is it possible?

Hi, I recently installed the Adblock service on my MOX via reForis, and it is working great. I am running into an issue with the DNS Report however.

My setup is simple - 1 home network consisting of 2 Ethernet interfaces + 2 Wi-Fi interfaces and 1 guest network consisting of 2 Ethernet interfaces + 2 guest Wi-Fi interfaces. (No other routers or networks. Everything configured via reForis.)

The Adblock DNS Report shows the primary (non-guest) network or the guest network, but not both combined. I want to know if it’s possible to have the report cover my 2 networks. In LuCI, you can only select 1 or the other in the dropdown menu on the Advanced Report Settings tab, so I just assumed that it could only report on 1 network.

But, this is a similar question to Adblock DNS Report Only Shows One Subnet - there, the OP has a similar setup, and (like me) they wanted to see the DNS Report for both their main + guest networks combined. In that thread, @dibdot kindly responded to set the reporting interface to “any”. That solution worked for that OP - but it has not worked for me.

What I’ve tried:

  1. There is no “any” option in the Report Interface dropdown on the Adblock LuCI screen, so I selected the option called “unspecified”.
  2. That did not work so in the custom field I wrote “any”.
  3. That did not work, so I edited /etc/config/adblock where I replaced option adb_repiface 'br-lan' with option adb_repiface 'any'

In between each of these steps, I restarted Adblock per the instructions on the LuCI page. (I actually rebooted the router as well to make sure everything was clean.) But none of these have given me a DNS Report covering both networks. The results were always for the main non-guest network.

The question I linked was on the OpenWRT forum from 1 year ago, so still fairly recent. Is there some reason that @dibdot 's solution is not workable in TurrisOS? Is there another step I could try? Thank you for considering the question - I appreciate any pointers.

Other details:
Turris MOX Classic (A + B + C modules)
TurrisOS 6.4.2 (HBS)
Adblock version 4.1.3-9
ISP: Verizon FiOS