Adblock appears correctly config'd but does not function

Installed Adblock per the guide on these forums (uHTTP installed, along with uhttp-mod-lua and uhttp-mod-tls, kresd, resolver and uHTTP disabled, ADB [obviously]) running. In the sys log, I can see ADB starting up and updating its blacklists (a few with no timestamp, but most merge correctly), and from LuCi, Adblock appears to be running.

That said, ADB never actually blocks anything from a functional perspective, and in the stats section thru LuCi, tho the last blacklist update is always recent, it never shows any IPv4/v6 packets as being blocked.

Any ideas on why this is occurring, or anything else I can test/check/verify?


I know it’s silly for me to ask, but you are set up to use Adblock as your proxy right? We all sometimes forget the small things.

Not silly at all, tho I’m not quite sure how or where one enables ADB as a proxy (unless you mean checking the ‘When ADB is active redirect all DNS queries to the local resolver …’, in which case, it is indeed checked. If not, please do let me know where or how to do this as that could be the missing piece.

Also - Just for additional information for the initial post – as for ADB setup/config steps, /etc/config/dhcp ‘option port’ was changed from 0 to 53, and DNSMasq is functioning (in the syslog, I can see a constant stream of query/forward/reply activity (logging DNS while trying to figure this out).

Sorry, I haven’t set up Adblock, so I’m just guessing, but does Adblock function as a proxy between you and the internet? Then you’d have to configure your browser on your desktop to hit Adblock and not go to the internet directly. If it isn’t a proxy, ignore me, I have no clue what I’m talking about. LOL.

Though as a side note, I set up PiHole in a LXC container on the Omnia and it functions beautifully for blocking advertising. If you can’t get Adproxy to work you might want to look into that.

Hi, I have been looking for solution for a while with no result. Only thing I have found is, that tutorial for adblock setup is not reflecting some changes made by following updates. Such as removing unbound and not supporting additional hosts files. Since this updates adblock does not work. Other howtos for generic OpenWRT does not work too. So I am considering that pi-hole sollution as suggested in a post above. Problem is, that I don’t have any knowledge of use of LXC conteiners etc. so it will be whole new jurney for me :slight_smile:


lxc is a great vm container system somewhere between docker and vmware. the implementation on the omnia is a little limited compared to a full implementation but that’s expected. if you have a linux system available to you (even running in a vm like virtualbox) it can be a great platform to learn on. i’ll recommend Stéphane Graber’s tutorial to get you started:

also search these forums, there are some tips and tricks to making lxc work better on the omnia, like moving the container files off of main storage and onto secondary. you can set up a new container in the “advanced” LuCI interface and get into it from the command line.

i set up an ubuntu container and installed pihole directly into that, re-directed dns from dhcp, now all my clients automatically go to the pihole and ads are blocked. pihole has a very slick admin interface and active development. /r/pihole is also a great place for support along with their official forums: