Actual documentation for Omnia


Where to find actual documentation for Onmia?
Pin outs, console UART speed and etc.

There is one undocumented 5 pin connector near Eth transformers and one 4 pin on left top.
Also i’m unable to connect to debug console - may be RX and TX pins swapped…

Giving this one a bump. I’m also interested in where to connect a serial console.

I had to dig through the schematics PDF since I didn’t find it anywhere else.
CN10 (four pin header next to the LEDs) is, in order from farthest to closest to the LEDs:


So hook up your TX to pin 2, RX to pin 3, and ground to pin 4. I was able to connect with 115200 8n1 no flow control.

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Thank you this works, can connect via minicom. With putty there is some character noise.

You can find it here: , we are working on improvements.