ACL - Acess Control List

I am thinking about ACLs Czech article about ACL

ENG. Look mainly for extended ACL to know what I am talking about.

My question is simply about chance to have this feature on Turris, because this is somthing extremely beneficial to security and I would say it could be synergical with VLANs

Or should I take it simply as only firewall thing?
What do you recommend?

My last question is about PaKon? Is there something related to that project?

Knot-resolver is quite customizable based on query source IP, but I suppose you want to restrict the traffic on IP level anyway…

Most of those seems like basic firewall rules implementable in Firewall tab in LuCI. In the end they mention recognizing protocol like http and such. First part is just simple Firewall. Regarding Pakon - it is basically UI to Suricata running on your router and currently provides overview of your traffic. But you can use Suricata to implement more advanced filtering based on real data, not just IPs/Ports/VLANs or even block http, but you can block http(s) requests going to google for example.