Access to SSH on router and nextcloud in LXC container


I would like to access my router remotely through SSH and as well I would like to access nextcloud in separate LXC container with static IP address. In this moment I have public IP address, own domain, ssh server up and running and apache server in LXC container as well. Issue is I have not found solution how to manage that remote access. Current situation :

  1. Zone forwarding from WAN to LAN is Allow, allow, allow in Zone settings (expect not save but additional two services are working)
  2. Remote connectivity to LXC container with Plex works (port forwarding rule as outside and inside ports are different)
  3. Remote access to netdata on router itself works on particular port (no port forwarding or traffic rule)
  4. Remote access to ssh on router doesn`t work no matter if i use port forwarding or traffic rule or both
  5. Remote access to Nextcloud on separate LXC container doesn`t work in any of three scenarios
  6. SSH server and Nextcloud are up and reachable from LAN
  7. Previously Owncloud was working on previous router (ASUS and RMerlin)

I know I can use VPN (and yes through VPN everything works) but I want to use key based access to SSH server to harden it and as well Let`s encrypt for secure connectivity to Nextcloud. Plus I need access to Nextcloud also in case VPN is not used (some family members are not able to use VPN due to restrictions on their computer)

Any suggestions?


Really nobody has similar setup?

You can forward external port 2222 to internal 22 of the ip of your container machine and it should work. So you have port 22 for your router access and 2222 for sshing into the container.